The Big Brand Theory: Dunkin Donuts Success


This article is about the success that social media has brought upon Dunkin Donuts. The Social Media Manager at Dunkin Donuts, Jessica Gioglio, gives the customers all of the credit. The brand value of Dunkin Donuts is rapidly increasing and part of the reason is due to the amount of people that are loyal to the brand. They make sure to Tweet and Facebook their favorite flavors of coffee and donuts. People are interested in knowing about the new flavors of coffee and featured donuts.

Since the majority of Dunkin Donuts fans are engaging on social media platforms, the best way to market their new additions is right on the websites. How does a big brand like Dunkin Donuts manage their regional profiles and events? They keep a content calendar, says Jessica Gioglio.

As a consumer, I’ve actually noticed that not all flavors and deals are the same across the region. I remember seeing a Dunkin Donuts Tweet about free iced coffee day on April 1st. Unfortunately, I was upset when I noticed that it was only certain Dunkin Donuts stores. For instance, this particular tweet was more for the Pennsylvania area. Since I have a few friends in Pennsylvania that might follow Dunkin Donuts, I received this recommended tweet too even though I’m not from that area. It makes sense that Dunkin Donuts focuses on more visual advertisements on social media. Recently, there’s a huge hype for posting a picture of your coffee or food on Instagram or Twitter.

I can say personally that I’ve posted pictures before of food that I thought looked visually appetizing and it receives more attention than other pictures I post that aren’t food related. Dunkin Donuts was also one of the brands that successfully used a “selfie” campaign on Facebook. Every week, Dunkin Donuts featured a different fan’s selfie with their Dunkin product on their Facebook page and also on the company’s digital billboard in Times Square. Can you think of any other brands that have succeeded in a “selfie” campaign on a social media platform?

Dunkin Selfie Campaign



2 thoughts on “The Big Brand Theory: Dunkin Donuts Success

  1. I always think it is a good idea to do the selfie campaign. I have noticed a lot that clothing stores will do this where they will have people take selfies of them in their clothes. This way other people can see their friends in their clothes and they might be more likely to shop at those stores as well.

  2. If they could harness the data from different regions they could find out where the best markets would be to expand in the new flavors. Consider how the lady was seeing a regional drink flavor that is only in Pennsylvania. If she and a bunch of others from her area were tweeting about that flavor and it generated a buzz it indicates to Dunkin that would be a good idea to introduce that flavor in the region as well .

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