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Group 6: Handling Negative Feedback

GROUP 6 Final Report: Handling Negative Feedback   Since the ability to voice your opinions on brands is present, companies must know how and when to properly respond to their consumers. Although a brand may get a handful of praise and positive feedback, they must also know how to handle negative feedback when it strikes. … Continue reading

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J.C. Kendall addresses the elephant in the room in his article, What is your personal brand saying about you?  “Nobody buys anything of real value from a stranger.”   Why do employers have face to face interviews, rather  than just read your resume? Easy and obvious – they want to…

Originally posted on Steph Meyers:
One in three smartphone using Britons would give up sex rather than their mobile phone. If that doesn’t scream anti-social, then I don’t know what does. Stephen Dale is the author of Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?, an article that discusses the statistics of survey findings related to…