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Frictionless Sharing

Since being introduced in 2012, the term “frictionless sharing” has become more common. Up until its introduction, Facebook users were able to choose whether or not they shared content such as music, articles, and other activity. Now this choice has been eliminated in a number of apps, causing the same information to be automatically shared. … Continue reading

Instagram Policy Change and User Backlash

Everyones favorite photo sharing social media site came under heavy criticism last Tuesday when it released its new privacy policy to users. Essentially the policy change would allow Instagram to sell users uploaded photos for a profit without compensation or permission from the user. Users fear that their photos and photos of their loved ones might show … Continue reading

Social Business Stage – What everyone has to say.

Article/Blog We’ve discussed in class how having a social media presence is not always a good thing.  It’s better to not have a social media presence than to have one that is inactive or not credible.  The prevalence of blogs has increased among businesses and consumers.  Both contribute to the social branding of themselves.  Common … Continue reading

Customer comments = Advertising

Customer comments = Advertising

Just when you thought you had social branding and social media figured out, Australia’s Ad Board throws a very interesting curve ball that can have far reaching implications if other countries decide to adopt it. It ruled that Fan Comments on Brand Pages on Facebook constitutes ads and are therefore held to the same standards … Continue reading