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Instagram Ads – Picture Perfect?

Very rarely, at least in my opinion, do we see a successful addition of advertising into a previously ad-free space. Every time Facebook, Twitter or really any platform switches up their advertising game, there seems be a fallout. When Instagram (and by Instagram, I mean Facebook-owned) announced they’d be bringing ads to one of my … Continue reading

Social Media Pushes Privacy Boundaries

With the unlimited amount of new social media websites, games, and apps being created everyday, there is a concern on how social people need to be. This  blog post from Social Media Insights Blog talks 5 new apps that expand on social interactions but also walk on the creepy side of things. The first app … Continue reading

Facebook Is Still King

Facebook Is Still King

Facebook is still the number one Social Media platform among young adults. A study conducted at Harvard Institute found that a large majority of young adults, ages ranging from 18 to 29 years old, were members of Facebook while less than half had Social Media accounts on platforms such as Twitter and Google Plus. It’s … Continue reading

The Best Time To Post On Facebook

Social Media Today had a great article responding to one of social marketings most burning questions: When is the  best time to post on Facebook? The answer? There is no one “best time” that works for everyone. Even if there was it wouldn’t last because having everybody crowd Facebook to post at the same time … Continue reading