The Best Time To Post On Facebook

Social Media Today had a great article responding to one of social marketings most burning questions: When is the  best time to post on Facebook? The answer? There is no one “best time” that works for everyone. Even if there was it wouldn’t last because having everybody crowd Facebook to post at the same time … Continue reading

The Big Brand Theory: Dunkin Donuts Success

Article This article is about the success that social media has brought upon Dunkin Donuts. The Social Media Manager at Dunkin Donuts, Jessica Gioglio, gives the customers all of the credit. The brand value of Dunkin Donuts is rapidly increasing and part of the reason is due to the amount of people that are loyal … Continue reading

5 Tips for Live Tweeting Tips Efforts

I like how twitter makes you tweet something you had in mind or seeing/doing something. There are a lot of TV shows today and many people live tweet during the show. Some people may not have engaged in the conversation with others with their lack of wording in their tweet. This article shows 5 tips … Continue reading

Why Marketers Should Consider Instagram for Business

Instagram has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years, and some businesses are beginning to take advantage of the app’s growing audience. A couple weeks ago I listened to one of Social Media Examiner’s Podcasts about marketing opportunities in Instagram. SME’s Michael Steltzner interviewed Sue B. Zimmerman, a Cape Cod fashion boutique owner … Continue reading

Help! Too many pictures to search through…

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’d share my problem that once you start scrolling through all the pictures 2-3 hours have past. Don’t deny that this hasn’t happened to’s inevitable. But when I want a quick idea for an outfit for the day as I’m scrambling to find something to wear, I find it … Continue reading

That ad space though, in 140 characters or less…

Earlier this year, Twitter had announced that it would be changing its interface to adopt a surface for new types of ads. As of Friday, Twitter had announced Website Cards for both desktop and mobile layout. Website Cards essentially is a new ad-unit that highlights a small photo, text and the URL of the advertiser’s webpage. … Continue reading