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Instagram Ads – Picture Perfect?

Very rarely, at least in my opinion, do we see a successful addition of advertising into a previously ad-free space. Every time Facebook, Twitter or really any platform switches up their advertising game, there seems be a fallout. When Instagram (and by Instagram, I mean Facebook-owned) announced they’d be bringing ads to one of my … Continue reading

Why Marketers Should Consider Instagram for Business

Instagram has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years, and some businesses are beginning to take advantage of the app’s growing audience. A couple weeks ago I listened to one of Social Media Examiner’s Podcasts about marketing opportunities in Instagram. SME’s Michael Steltzner interviewed Sue B. Zimmerman, a Cape Cod fashion boutique owner … Continue reading

Twitter 2012: A Year in Review

As the debris from ringing in 2013 clears and the social media channels have died down from #goodbye2012, #happynewyear and #2013, it is a perfect time to look at the top twitter trends of 2012. 2012 brought a lot of changes to the social media world and micro-blogging through Twitter helped to push out the information.  Whenever … Continue reading

Instagram Policy Change and User Backlash

Everyones favorite photo sharing social media site came under heavy criticism last Tuesday when it released its new privacy policy to users. Essentially the policy change would allow Instagram to sell users uploaded photos for a profit without compensation or permission from the user. Users fear that their photos and photos of their loved ones might show … Continue reading

Instagram’s new policy

On December 17th Declan Mcullagn wrote an article on Instagram’s new policy shift. The new policy states that it has the rights to sell users photographs without warning or payment. Instagram, recently acquired by Facebook, policy will not be  affective until January 16th. Giving customers a little less then a month to delete their accounts.  The … Continue reading