Is TV Shows With Interactive Social Media the New Norm?

Don’t worry, there is no Game of Thrones spoilers on here.

AMC, HBO, Showtime and FX are some of many TV networks that have capitalized in creating a loyal interactive fan base using social media. GOT has 10.3 million fans on Facebook, liking, commenting and sharing content from the show. This form of marketing (word of mouth) is far cheaper and more effective then traditional TV commercials in the past. Social media doesn’t make a TV show good, but makes people aware of a good TV show and in some cases, brings a good one back to life.

Some of you may of heard of the show Blue Mountain State on Spike TV or Netflix. Its a beloved comedy football show that was unfortunately cancelled in 2011 for unknown reasons but probably because it didn’t become really popular until after it was cancelled.BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE Gallery '09Being cancelled hasn’t stopped BMS’s Facebook page from posting on a regular biases with engaging content and gradually creating “cult” like fans. Their has even been online campaign to get another season filmed but with not prevail, until recently… Alan Ritchson, an actor on BMS, recently announced a Kickstarter campaign on April 15 to fund a new BMS movie. This is the first movie that I know of, that is being entirely funded from people like you and I.

It will be interesting to see how different the the current TV show model will be 5 years from now.


7 thoughts on “Is TV Shows With Interactive Social Media the New Norm?

  1. It definitely makes sense that people want to interact with their favorite shows on social media, as they do with most other parts of their life. If the audience is that invested in a show where they actually want to interact with it, there is a great opportunity to reach that audience on social media. Shows can capitalize on this great interest, a lot of people’s shows are personal to them and very important.

  2. With social media being more of a norm these days it makes it easier to attract a new or existing audience. A fair amount of people get their information from Facebook and other social media sites. When people are talking about a show on Facebook, you can guarantee that the show will get a lot of new views. Any show that wants to do well in the 21st century needs a presence on social media.

  3. When a show uses any form of social media, they are going to have that greater awareness and heavy traffic. I know with Supernatural, the actors live tweet during the show and set up hashtags for everyone to use. This usually causes them to end up on the trending list for the week. It definitely helps TV shows! Social media is used for a lot of things now.

  4. This is exactly why I have a personal blog about people’s favorite TV shows and movies because it does bring the most interaction. Social media goes crazy over TV shows. For example the “Real-World Explosion” show I got into a month or so was blowing MTV up for a little while due the drama and activity in the show. I wrote a few blogs about this show as well and many other TV shows and movies. Check me put at

  5. I think it is a great thing that social media and tv shows are interacting. It allows for a much more personal connection with your favorite characters in TV shows and to keep users engaged. I remember as a kid, one of my favorite TV blocks at the time was toonami on cartoon network. They had an online event where you could decide if the animated guest was replaced or stayed the same. I was a pretty awesome feeling being able to interact with an event on TV

  6. Blue Mountain State! I think this is becoming the norm. People love the interaction between celebrities which social media helps with that relationship which otherwise would never occur. I think this is just the beginning of great accomplishments.

  7. Social Media has become almost an integral part of enjoying entertainment. It’s interesting to see how popular shoes have a hashtag in the corner so people can interact during the show. I haven’t seen this show but I heard that The Walking Dead was a very big show for social. Twitter is a really big platform for this type of thing. You ca find people tweeting over all types of entertainment.

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