5 Social Media Platforms that can be used to search for jobs

5 Social Media Platforms that can be used to search for jobs

Many of us use Social Media simply to connect with friends, family, and brands as well as stay up to date with currents events but it’s sort of strange to think of Social Media as a platform for searching for jobs. However, Social Media can be used to your advantage to help you in your search for your dream position and to help you stand out from the crowd. Here are five platforms that can be utilized in your job hunt.


Think about liking pages of companies that you are interested in applying to. You can stay up to date with company news as well as you will likely find links to job openings when the time arises. Also, make sure to take advantage of Facebook’s Professional Skills section to add valuable skills that qualify and separate you from the competition.


Utilize Twitter’s search function to search for jobs. Using words like “job” and “hiring” along with other criteria you are looking for in a job may help you stumble on to the position you were looking for. You can also use hashtags such as #jobs or #hiring to stumble across tweets for various positions.


This is the most obvious choice for searching for jobs. Make sure to connect with professionals and acquaintances that are in your network as well as use LinkedIn to create new connections. Make sure to utilize LinkedIn’s job board to search for positions. Also, get your friends and professional connections to endorse your skills and make recommendations for you. This will help build your professional resume and to separate you from your competition.


Pinning your resume can serve as a creative way to showcase yourself and help make you stand out. This method would work great if you have a creative and well designed resume that utilizes colorful graphics and photos. It can also be great for professionals who have a portfolio such as photographers who can pin their work and then link to their portfolio website.


Again just like I mentioned with Twitter, you can use Tumblr’s search function to hunt for jobs. In addition you can start using Tumblr to write your own content based on your interests. A good Tumblr can lead to offers from employers.
If you want to read more about different ways you can use Social Media to your advantage in searching for jobs you visit http://mashable.com/2014/03/13/job-hunt-social-media/

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